IBO 1500 inox HP with Fittings Nero 48 x 20 x 23 cm - B07BR5YLMK

Codice Prodotto: B07BR5YLMK
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  • 'Trasmissione Suction Up to 8 m, Maximum flow Up to 6600l/H, Maximum Head Up to 32 m, Power - 1500 W/porte - 1x1"

  • Rust Proof - Pump Body Made of durable AISI 304 Pump Body/High performace - becouse of high flow and head Pump can BU used for watering/diffuser - Ibo Pump are Self Suction

  • Universale applicatioon - The Pump can be used for Gardening, suppling House with water or watering./Ergonomics - The Pump is characterized by Quiet Operation

  • It' s enought to fill Only The Pump without filling wjhole instalation/Drain Screw - IF necessary It' s Easy To Remove Water From The Pump/Durable Ability

  • Motore of Pump is relé in Overload protection/Seal - becouse Double Mechanical Seal Life Time of Pump is longer compare to décolleté relé in Oil Seal.

  • Surface Self Multi Stage di priming Centrifugal Pump Made according to Highest quality standards in relazione to both materiali and design. Pump intended for Pumping of clean Cold Water From Own intakes and for Pressure increase. The Body and shaft of the pump in the Part in Contact with water are made from Stainless Steel (inox Design). The Advantage of HP décolleté is the Option of Pumping Water with temperature of 70 °C. The Pump Motor is equipped with Thermal Protection built-in in the Winding.
    Application: Supply of water to Houses, Holiday Houses, allotments and Gardens AS Well AS watering. When Combined with membrane cisterne, they can be used for single e multi-Family edifici residenziali AS hydrophores, in Farming households and in Industry.

    IBO 1500 inox HP with Fittings Nero 48 x 20 x 23 cm - B07BR5YLMK